Sunday, February 13, 2005

Gone to Carolina

Well, at least my husband has. I will follow in a few weeks. Both of my parents' lines (and my step-father who raised me as well) go back to North Carolina, so it will be a wonderful opportunity to do further family history research. I am writing a book on the story of my Great-Great Grandmother, whose family came to North Carolina from Scotland, and the chance to see the places where she lived will be thrilling and probably enlightening as well, so I am delighted.

The tax records in Delaware where my Snow ancestors left to go to North Carolina have an entry that was quite common: Gone to Caroliner. But for me, left behind here in Southern California, and missing my husband more than I can say, I can only truly say (with James Taylor) I'm "gone to Carolina in my mind..." (BTW, apologies for lax posting, too much going on!)
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