Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jenn-Lee's Blog

This post is to highlight a lovely blog that I was heretofore unaware of...a lovely, lovely lady from my ward, Jenn-Lee. She is vivacious and passionate, loving and kind, and devoted to her family and to the Gospel. I was so delighted to find her blog, and she is helping to further Elder Ballard's desire to see more members of the Church adding to the voices in the world of blogs by offering to teach the other sisters how to have a blog of their own! Great, great energy! Now, if I can just do better on my own blog! LOL (I don't know if I said, by way of apology for my slackness in blogging, that I DID finally finish my master's degree, and am already waist-high in work on my Ph.D...? OK, no excuse, I know it...I'll have to do better!) Go check out Jenn-Lee's blog and you'll be glad you did! She, and her blog, are fabulous!
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