Saturday, May 02, 2009

New blog: "We Gotta Fix This Somehow"

Well, I've been lightly blogging for years now, but I finally convinced my better half to start his own. He'd written a lengthy letter to send to our legislators, and I told him he should post it in a blog. Here's a taste:

Hi, my name is John Cahill, I live in Charlotte, NC and I'm the sort of guy that writes his legslators about issues of the day. I've done this for a while now and have written two or three times a year to the powers that be explaining my position on things, as issues arise or the mood hits me. This sort of approach got me through the Bush years alright. However on the occasion of the 100'th day in office of the current administration, the thought came to me that the Obama Agenda is moving so fast through the halls of power, and my old approach of commenting here and there, issue by issue won't work because too much is happening too fast. You just can't keep up! I figured that it might be best to write one long letter to Senators and Congressmen covering as many of the issues as I can think of at present. The Memo to Legislators that follows is the result. These are my views. They are also the views of thousands of folks that I met at Tea Parties, talked to after church, bumped into on the bus etc… I believe this to be a pretty good sample of the opinion of Freedom Loving Americans, those who honor the founding fathers. The people who sacrificed so much to give us this country which we all hold so dear. My intent was to put this open letter in the hands of as many legslators as I can because they all need to know that there is a groundswell of feeling out there amongst the people that we have had too much change, there is too much spending, there is too much government control of businesses, there are too much radical progressivism. Our legslators have to quickly recognize that these problems exist and recognize that they need to become part of the solution now, because those that are part of the problem will most likely lose their next bid for re-election. This country is broken and We Gotta Fix This Somehow..............

And he goes on to tell them what needs fixing! It is posted as several pieces, so read them all!
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