Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Gentle Bloggers, and others...

I am a big fan of Orson Scott Card's writings, and spend considerable time at his websites (Hatrack and Ornery American). As I followed his occasional links to exceptional blog articles, I found myself intrigued by the world of blogs. I also discovered Meridian Magazine, an online LDS magazine, and followed their lovely linkage all over the internet, and before I knew it, the blogosphere had become part of my world.

But there are many blogs out there that are um, well, harsh. Crude. You know.
I have been fortunate to find many really good ones, that I know will not be offensive to the Spirit. I want to thank all of them, for being able to be both gentle and courageous, in speaking up for truth (and for touching my heart).

The Commons at Paulie World
Warm 'n Fuzzy Conserva-Puppies
Conservative and Right
Strengthen the Good
North Western Winds
Iraq the Model
La Shawn Barber's Corner
Diary of an Anti-Chomskyite

I can pretty much guarantee those above will not ever be crude. Do I stick to only them? Nope. I dash into some other places, and put up with a bit more harshness, to find pearls of wisdom from other gifted writers. These include (no guarantees here):

Mark Steyn
Dissecting Leftism
Michelle Malkin

I read lots of Canadian Blogs (note my Newfoundlander hubby) and the best of those I've found besides North Western Winds I mentioned above are:
News Junkie Canada
Ravishing Light

Some of the best, but not guaranteed to be gentle, Foreign Blogs are:
No Pasaran
The Dissident Frogman
An Englishman's Castle
Davids Medienkritik

(BTW: Thanks for your patience as I am learning how to create this blog!)
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