Saturday, March 05, 2005


Alessia by Wilfried Decoo (Times and Seasons)

Alessia, I hope you will read this post, now, or rather some day in the future when you will be an independent adult, free to choose, and strong enough to look back. I want you to know that the Church never abandoned you, that the thoughts of dozens of Church members have been with you these past few years. And, through this post, the thoughts of many will be added.

I want to tell your story. Forgive me if perhaps some detail is amiss, since I heard part of the events from others. But those people were with you in what transpired, so I trust their account. At the same time you will learn things you do not know, but which you should be aware of.

My readers, this is a sad post, but beneficial to understand the situation of the Church in some countries, and our long journey still ahead to obtain respect. I believe it has some historical value, to be preserved as a case. I apologize for its length, but a summary would have obliterated items of importance.

It is also a story which should fill us, and especially our children, with gratitude. Children who sometimes murmur because they have to go to Church on Sundays. Tell them to think of Alessia.


I would like to ask bloggers to link to this story with the term |Adelbert Denaux Alessia| in the link. I think it will have an effect. That would increase the googlerank of this page and increase the chances that Alessia will find this story on the web.

Otherwise she will have her name submerged by the model with the same name.

Just a thought. Our prayers continue.

Comment by Stephen M (Ethesis) — 3/3/2005 : 11:08 pm
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