Friday, June 24, 2005

"A conversation with Beverly Campbell"

"A conversation with Beverly Campbell" from Segullah

Wonderful interview with one of my personal heroes, Beverly Campbell, the author of "Eve and the Choice Made in Eden". She speaks of why the true story of Eve is so important:

"How can a study and understanding of Eve effect women's perceptions of themselves, and men's perceptions of women?

The story of Eden, the Garden, and Adam and Eve, permeates our literature, our laws, our societies and our response to one another as men and women, both spiritual and secular. The misperceptions are enormous and have created and continue to create not just misunderstanding but harm. Men and women alike need to understand the depth and power and beauty of this entire episode.

I was recently interviewed by a well–known radio personality who told me the insights and understanding he came to through this book had changed his life and the way he perceived and treated his wife and the other women in his life. Women have told me that this new understanding has given them the courage to move forward.

Bottom line: as we understand that Eve courageously, heroically, and with enormous generosity of spirit claimed that most precious aspect of agency, the right to exercise spiritual and personal integrity, we begin to see better how to live our lives. To choose to act or think in ways that God has counseled is to arm yourself with His power. As you choose good over evil, right over wrong, action over inaction, you open your soul to the possibilities and His power is unleashed. Weakness, powerlessness and inadequacy are replaced with strength, control and wholeness."

Read the whole thing here.
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As you can probably tell, I believe this message is very, very important! I am very grateful to Heavenly Father for inspiring Sister Campbell to write this book.
(Oh, and Johnna, the new site looks fabulous!)
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