Monday, September 12, 2005

Great Blog: My House has Many Mansions

I just found a wonderful new blog (ok, maybe it's not that new, but I've really been out of the blogging loop lately, sorry!) called My House has Many Mansions (The journey of one woman and her bicultural, interfaith LDS/Anthroposophic family as they move to Wuerzburg, Germany. She muses about faith, being the wife of a Waldorf teacher, life as an expat, motherhood, spousehood, and her novel in progress.) by K.D. Clement. I've read pretty much all she's written there, and it resonated so strongly with me it left me wondering if we aren't kindred spirits! ; Her occupation is listed as SAHM, Writer, Perpetual Student...which is very similar to mine! (Krista, I'm very glad you commented on my blog so I would be aware of yours!) Thanks so much! If you haven't yet done so, I would really heartily recommend a visit to this delightful blog!
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