Monday, March 07, 2005

Jesus is everywhere

Ok, if you don't already read James Lileks' Bleats, here's a great one to start with:

Picked up Gnat from Sunday school; the craft project consisted of pasting paper leaves on a tree in which sat a sandal-wearing guy with a robe. “What’s this?” I asked.

“Jesus up a tree,” she said. I couldn’t remember any gospel that put fully-grown Jesus in the braches. I looked through the materials, and saw it was actually Zacchaeus, the tax man who had climbed up to see Jesus as he entered Jericho. I explained who it was; she was annoyed. “It could be Jesus because Jesus is everywhere,” she explained. “So it’s Jesus up a tree.” It almost sounds like some sort of blasphemous oath you’d mutter under your breath when things took a wrong turn: ahh, Jesus up a tree. On the way home we talked about this Zach guy: he gave away his stuff to the poor, which was helpful, because they didn’t have anything. Not even any toys for Christmas, she said.

Ah – right.

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